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Mount Baker Craftsman

The porch pictured here was easy enough to paint, but the back deck was another story. Delicate plants guarded the surfaces to be worked on and needed a gentle touch to work around. The project was completed with no plant (or animal) casualties.

Brighton Large Sunny Porch Craftsman

This Brighton house needed some paint maintenance and pigeon protection. We did both, repainting two sides of the house with Rodda A-909 exterior paint and the deck with Flood Stain, and removing the bird nests and installing new bird spikes.

Seward Park Dutch Colonial Farmhouse

Client: Jocelyn R. City: Seattle Neighborhood: Seward Park Date Completed: July, 2008 Date of photo: October, 2009 Products: DAP brand Alex 100% acylic 35-year caulk. DAP window glazing. Benjamin Moore Fresh Start 100% acrylic all-purpose primer.¬†Benjamin Moore brand MoorLife premium exterior flat house paint. Methods: It had been a while since this his house had…

Seward Park Beige Bungalow

The seward park house had thirsty siding that needed to be fully primed before top-coating. Thorough prepping, priming and two coats of Benjamin Moore’s MoorLife and this house was looking spiffy,.

Mount Baker Swiss-style Chalet in Dark Chocolate

When it came time to apply the new stain we decided to spray the new stain on with an airless prayer (to speed the application process) and “back-brush” the stain to work it into the surfaces evenly, aiding the penetration of the product. Within minutes we knew that we had underestimated materials costs by a very significant amount. The more stain we applied the more the house drank. I had estimated that such a “thirsty” house would require about 40 gallons of stain. Before we were done we had applied nearly 100 gallons of stain to the house. What you see in the picture above is more stain than wood.

Columbia City Modern

Client: Alex R. City: Seattle Neighborhood: Beacon Hill Date Completed: June, 2009 Date of photo: October, 2009 Products: Cabot brand semi-solid stain and Penofin Penetrating Oil Methods: We were called in to do maintenance on the stained surfaces of the siding, fences, windows, doors and hardwood decks. Cabot brand stain was used, as it was…

Beacon Hill Charming Craftsman Total Exterior Paint Restoration

. . . there is the issue of containing the lead-based paint that’s being removed from the house. The really excellent thing about chemically stripping paint is that very little sanding is required, meaning that very little lead ever becomes airborne. Sanding is only used to smooth out the slivers and gouges that remain after the dissolved paint is scraped from the house. From there the dissolved paint falls onto strategically-placed plastic sheeting where it can be safely sequestered into thick plastic bags and disposed of safely. But still a time-consuming and expensive process!