Wallingford Tudor Cottage

Seattle Wallingford Tudor CottageTudors don’t have a lot to paint, but whats there needs to be done carefully.

Client: Dawn N.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Wallingford

Date Completed: September, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand MoorGard Premium Exterior paint and Satin Impervo Interior paint.

Methods: The owners of this Wallingford Tudor had all of the windows replaced and needed to have the interior of these windows painted and the exterior brick mold painted. The new windows were aluminum clad wood windows that needed to be painted on the interior side only. This type of window is great, with a long lasting aluminum cladding on the weather exposed side and a wood finish on the inside to match the classic painted wood trim in the interior of the house. The interior project was straight forward — prime and paint the windows and trim which we finished with Benjamin Moore Brand Satin Impervo. The exterior brick mold and trim unsurprisingly needed a fair amount af prep done prior to painting. Failing paint was removed by scraping and feather sanded to smooth out the paint craters. Failing caulk was removed and replaced. Bare wood was primed with Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start primer. After all of the prep work two coats of  Benjamin Moore Brand MoorGard were brushed on to finish off the major upgrade to this house.

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