Ravenna Autumn Craftsman

Seattle Ravenna Autumn CraftsmanColor: Pratt and Lambert Koala. Are Koalas really that orange?

Client: Solange N.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Ravenna

Date Completed: September, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Pratt and Lambert Accolade Exterior Paint, Benjamin Moore Brand Fresh Start Primer.

Methods: This Ravenna home is a classic example of what happens to paint after 100 years in the Northwest and of why you should hire professionals to paint your house. The south and southwest sides of the house had blistering and peeling paint all over the siding only two years after repainting(not our work). The reason for the paint issues were two fold, first was the inevitable aging of the original paint that was a dozen or so coats below the visible paint job. Failing of old coats of paint can occur for various reasons that are far to complicated to get into here, but unless all of the paint is removed, all subsequent layers of paint are only covering the problem. The second issue is one that should never have happened; the gaps below each siding board was caulked in, preventing the siding from breathing. This is a horrible mistake, and one that results in extensive premature paint failure and rotting from the inside out. There are three options for dealing with the paint here. The first is to reside the entire south portion of the home. Drastic. The second is to strip all of the paint from the siding and then reprime and paint. Also drastic, yet less so. The third is to remove the failing paint and caulk, feather sand these areas, and then spot prime where paint had been removed. When presented with their options our clients went for the third option. We only prepped and painted the south and southwest sides of the house and re-coated with Pratt and Lambert paint. The result is a paint job that doesn’t look brand new and will need extra touch up work to maintain, but when faced with residing or stripping this is a short term economical option.

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