Queen Anne Mission Revival

Seattle Queen Anne Mission RevivalStucco siding can look great — it just takes a little extra work

Client: Robert M. & Pamela H.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Queen Anne

Date Completed: April, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand MoorLife and MoorGard Premium Exterior Paint, Benjamin Moore Brand Elastomeric Patching compound, Benjamin Moore Brand Fresh Start Primers and Sculpwood epoxy filler.

Methods: Stucco siding is fairly rare in the Seattle area, and requires some specific prep work in order to get it painted up properly. One major problem with stucco is that wood windows and molding needs to be well caulked into the stucco with an elastomeric caulk to withstand the elements. If not caulked in well the siding doesn’t naturally drain water and rotting can be a big problem. This house was well maintained, and yet still had areas of spot rot that needed to be fixed. We fix small areas of rot by removing the worst of the rot, letting it dry and then stabilizing with wood hardener. After hardening we use Sculpwood, an epoxy filler, to fill the rotted area resulting in a permanent fix for the rot. In addition to the rot and caulking issues, stucco on homes of this age will be cracked due to movement of the home over time. These cracks are inevitable, but can be well fixed by using an elastomeric patching compound to fill and cover the cracks, preventing them from reopening in the future. After a thorough prep job we finished the project off with two coats of MoorLife Premium Exterior paint on the stucco (we find the flat finish of the MoorLife works well to “hide” imperfections in the stucco) and two coats of MoorGard on all of the wood trim and windows. The resulting three tone scheme looks great and our clients can rest easy knowing that their home is protected.

Client testimonial: Excellent — it was perhaps the best experience we’ve ever had with tradespeople of any kind. The crew was punctual, professional, and just plain nice. A very pleasant experience. And the house looks great!

Seattle Queen Anne Mission Revival 2

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