Mount Baker Craftsman

Seattle Mount Baker Craftsman

Client: Cynthia W.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Mount Baker

Date Completed: August, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand Porch and Floor Enamel and Thompsons Water Seal.

Methods: This large Mount Baker home requires a lot of maintenance due to both it’s large size and age. We were called in to take care of a small portion of that work by painting the front porch and water proofing the  back deck. The front porch, pictured above was straight forward, sand, prime, paint. The back deck was another story. The home owner LOVES her plants and didn’t want to even think about  them getting harmed. Tough to do when they are growing in, through and around the deck and deck rails to be waterproofed. This project took some carefully cleaning and hand application of  Thompson’s water seal, but in the end the client was thrilled and no plants were harmed during the staining of this deck.

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