Montlake Handsome Shingle Style

Seattle Montlake Handsome Shingle Style

These Homeowners Are Not Afraid Of Bold Colors

Client: Ron M.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Montlake

Date Completed: August, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand MoorGard Premium exterior paint

Methods: If we were out of shape before starting on this job we certainly weren’t afterward. This house is built on a steep hill with no access from the uphill side so all equipment and supplies needed to be lugged up the hill to get to the site. On top of the physical challenge this was also challenging to access all of the areas of the house safely on steep terrain. If that was not enough our clients upped the difficulty level yet another notch by choosing a bold burgundy color for the body of the house. All in all the degree of difficulty for this project would have to be a 10. The house is shaded year round and paint lasts a long time when there is no sun exposure. This home had not been painted in over 20 years, and the last paint job was in decent shape. Decent shape, but FILTHY. Twenty years of dust, grime and city pollution takes a lot of work to clean off, as we discovered. Many areas of the house needed to have the grime SANDED off as pressure washing and detergents wouldn’t touch it. After cleaning, scraping, and sanding we re-caulked all of the failing caulking we then started painting. With bold body colors like the one used on this house we like to paint the trim first and then the body. The reason for this is that colors like these do not touch up so the best thing is to finish with the difficult color and walk away quietly without disturbing the sleeping paint. Everything worked out wonderfully on this one and we managed to save on the monthly gym membership too!

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