Montlake Charming Bungalow

Seattle Montlake Charming Bungalow

Inviting New Look for this Bungalow

Client: Eve K.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Montlake

Date Completed: August, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand MoorLife and MoorGard Premium exterior paint, Benjamin Moore Floor and Patio Paint, DAP caulk and glazing compound, System Three Sculpwood

Methods: From a painters perspective this cute little cottage had it all. The scope of the project included everything from wood windows, siding and decks, to metal railings and concrete, all which had not been painted in a long time. Prep of the windows included scraping and sanding of failing paint and window glazing, replacement of window glazing and priming of the new glazing and bare wood. Metal surfaces were scraped and sanded before using a rust inhibiting primer and painting. The concrete had been previously painted so old coats were scraped and ground off prior to painting with the Floor and Patio paint, which can be applied directly to concrete without a primer. Old coatings on wood shingles were extensively scraped to stabilize our final painting surface prior to spot priming with a premium Alkyd primer. The caulking had failed around the entire house and was removed and re-caulked, with great attention paid to sealing around windows and doors. Areas of dry rot were stabilized with wood hardener and filled with Sculpwood, an epoxy filler, for a nice permanent rot fix. While prep work on a house like this is about 80% of the work the best prep in the world needs a premium paint job to properly finish off. Two coats of flat finish MoorLife Premium Exterior paint were used on all shingle siding, while doors and trim were finished with MoorGard Low luster finish. Porch and Patio paint was used on the concrete porch and attached decks for a durable walking surface. This house required a lot of expertise and straight up hard work to just get ready to paint, but in the end we gave our clients a finished job we are very proud of.

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