Wedgewood Ranch Style

Seattle Wedgewood Ranch Style

Cool House Painted in the Hot Hot Heat.

Client: Anne, H.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Wedgewood

Date Completed: August, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand MoorLife and MoorGard Premium Exterior Paint and Zinsser Peel Stop Primer.

Methods: This house was painted during the heatwave of 2009, where Seattle temperatures were over 100 degrees for several days. In general too hot is not a problem here in the Puget Sound, but from time to time the heat can be a real issue. There are ways to work around hot temps — work in shaded areas, start early, do prep work, but eventually you need to paint the dreaded southern exposure. Luckily the heat wave broke and we were able to get some reasonable temperatures for painting. Trying to do this type of work in these conditions makes me glad I don’t work in Arizona! Other than the weather this Wedgewood Ranch had a few non-weather related difficulties to deal with. The biggest was the failing paint on corrugated cedar siding. The best way to deal with this substrate is to scrape extensively and then stabilize the failing paint with Peel Stop primer. This thin binding primer gets under paint lips to glue down failing paint that can’t be scraped up. While paint can be applied directly over this primer we like to prime over top of this with a sealing primer to lock in the tannins and oils in cedar that commonly bleed through latex paint showing up as blotchy brown stains. Prep was finished with caulking touch-up and filling of holes cracks and spot rot fixes. For top coating corrugated siding we like to brush in the first coat to get paint into the cracks and valleys of the surface and then spray on a second coat to get the peaks and high spots. We have found that this approach give better coverage than either spraying or brushing on both coats. After top-coating were are finished and ready for a well deserved dip in Lake Washington.

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