Town Center Neo-Eclectic

Woodinville Town Center Neo-Eclectic

Client: Ed K.

City: Woodinville

Neighborhood: Town Center

Date Completed: June, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand Regal Interior and MoorGard Premium Exterior paint

Methods: The original paint job on this house was horrible, inside and out. Outside the cheapest paint was used sparingly and the paint on this town home was faded and failing after only 5 years. Inside the garage was not finished and the paint was thin at best. Criminal. This repaint should never have been necessary, but the builder obviously cut corners on the paint finishes. It’s frustrating to see, but unfortunately happens all to often. While we appreciate the work, fixing improper building techniques is not how we want to make a living. In the interior we repainted, or rather properly painted, all walls and ceilings. On the exterior we cleaned, stabilized the “paint” that was there and re-caulked the cracking and failing caulk. Application of two coats of premium paint and this town home will look better than its neighbors for years to come.

Woodinville Town Center Neo-Eclectic 2

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