Newport Neo-Colonial

Bellevue Newport Neo-Colonial

Client: Dan C.

City: Bellevue

Neighborhood: Newport

Date Completed: June, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand Fresh Start 100% Acrylic Primer, MoorGard and MoorGlo Premium Exterior Paint

Methods: When most people think of houses with major paint issues they generally think of older homes. Unfortunately new homes are subject to wide spread issues too. When new homes are built many builders cut corners and one of the areas this usually happens is on paint. Paint is the last thing to be done and budgets get tight so the cheapest products get used by the cheapest available labor force. This is what happened to this lovely east side home. The original paint job was criminally thin and failing extensively on all sun exposed areas. We spent days scraping cheap paint from the house so that we could get  a solid base for our primer and paint. Three sides of the house needed to be fully primed before top coats were applied. All of the caulking was cracking and failing too and needed to be redone. Two solid coats of paint after that and we left the house with the paint job it should have had to begin with. We rarely paint new homes because people rarely want to pay for a premium paint job on new construction. This is a real shame because this is the time when a good job is most important.

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