West Magnolia Tudor Revival

Seattle West Magnolia Tudor Revival Style

"With their many steep and complicated roof lines, Tudors were not designed with painters in mind"

Client: Meaghan D.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: West Magnolia

Date Completed: October , 2010

Date of photo: October, 2010

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreGard Premium Exterior paint

Methods: Tudor’s can be a real pain to access with all of the steep roof lines. This one was especially so and we needed to rent a boom lift to access the areas you see in this photo. As for the project itself I’ll let the client do the talking for us on this one:

“The overall job was to paint all exterior surfaces/areas include all previously painted surfaces of our house, including the surfaces of the deck, deck rails and pickets. Here’s the gist of what their contract said they’d do (and they did it all beautifully): Pressure washing of all surfaces to be painted; Two coats of paint on all surfaces to ensure solid look and finish; One coat of deck clear-coat on deck walking surfaces; One coat of stain on all previously stained wood finish soffits; Scraping or wire-brushing to remove any failing paint and fillers; Feather sanding of removed paint to reduce the appearance of failed paint; Spot priming of all wood exposed by scraping and wire-brushing; Stabilizing dry rot with wood hardener and filling with epoxy filler (where necessary); Caulking of all appropriate cracks; Filling of all appropriate holes with appropriatecompound. As they worked, they identified any problem areas (rotten window frames, soft deck boards, areas of damp), and they were really flexible and patient in allowing me to get a good contractor here to fix these problems.” – Meaghan D.

We were able to get at all of the trouble areas and address  paint issues that were a few years past when the should have been painted. The result is a beautiful new paint job that ensures that painters will not need to touch for many years to come.

Client testimonial: “We are completely delighted with this company and the work they did. Our house is three stories above a basement, and it was not an easy job. It didn’t help that we had avoided painting until it was probably three years overdue. There was much clean-up, prep and repair to do before the painting could even start.

Step Up helped us to divide our project into two phases, because we couldn’t afford to paint the whole house at once. The first crew, who came last spring, had to help me sort out my color choices, which required much patience and a good few trips to Benjamin Moore. They were really nice about it. They had to rent a cherry picker and park it in my neighbor’s driveway to get to certain parts of the house, and they were careful not to inconvenience these people any more than necessary. The second crew took advantage of what seemed like the only nice weather this fall and finished the house, and they did it without any complaints from my proximate neighbors on the other side (phew).

I liked everyone who worked on this project. They communicated well, they were diligent, and they were flexible, polite and friendly. The only reason I gave them a B for professionalism was because they weren’t at all “formal” – they made themselves at home, played their music, and talked away out there. This was probably because that they knew I would want them to do so. I have no doubt that they read their clients pretty well and adjust their work style accordingly.

I would have put an A for price, but it hurt too much to pay such a big chunk of money. So let me at least say that I think they did a really great and detailed job for each thousand they made, and they even took extra care to make sure that I paid the least amount possible for the cherry picker rental.

I’m glad to know that Step Up is going to do interior painting during rainy months, and I look forward to hiring them for another project when we recover from this expense. My biggest hope is that I will NOT need to hire them for exterior work for at least 10 years. Then I will be certain of the quality of their work!”  –  Meaghan D.

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