Seward Park Dutch Colonial Farmhouse

Shingle siding on this hillside farmhouse

"Painted shingle siding is a nice look, but getting paint between each and every one of those cracks can be a challenge."

Client: Jocelyn R.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Seward Park

Date Completed: July, 2008

Date of photo: October, 2009

Products: DAP brand Alex 100% acylic 35-year caulk. DAP window glazing. Benjamin Moore Fresh Start 100% acrylic all-purpose primer. Benjamin Moore brand MoorLife premium exterior flat house paint.

Methods: It had been a while since this his house had been painted and it required many of the tools in our painters arsenal to get it done up right. The window glazing around many of the single pane windows was failing and needed to be replaced with DAP window glazing. There were a few areas of rot that needed to be stabilized with wood hardener, and then filled with SculpWood, an epoxy filler that we wouldn’t want to be without. Rot fixes done in this fashion are a permanent fix as long as you can get to the rot before it makes its way into the house. At that point it is time to call in the carpenters. Extensive re-caulking was needed everywhere. Additionally the paint was failing on all of the sun exposed sides of the house and needed to be stabilized. We accomplished this with detailed scraping, feather sanding, and priming prior to top-coating. We finished everything off with a sprayed on flat finish MoorLife on all of the shingles, carefully spraying to get into all of the gaps, and brushed out the trim with a low-luster finish MoorGard in dark blue on the trim and white accent on the window sashes. Solid body deck stain was used on the porch walking surfaces to complete the repaint. A crisp new look to adorn this this house for years.

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