Seward Park Beige Bungalow

South Seattle home painted by Step Up Painting

"It might not look like a terribly challenging paint job, but notice the steep roofline with not a drop of paint on the roofing.

Client: Jeannie H.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Seward Park

Date Completed: October, 2008.

Date of photo: October, 2009.

Products: Benjamin Moore Fresh Start 100% Acrylic All-Purpose primer. Benjamin Moore brand MoorLife 100% exterior premium low-lustre house paint.

Methods: This house was in desperate need of a new paint job. The paint on all of the siding was chalky and flaking off and needed to be thoroughly scraped. This situation one one seen frequently when repainting after a bargain paint has been used. Premium paints, like MoorLife, do not become faded and chalky like we experienced here. This is a situation where we used a full coat of primer to absorb into the chalky, porous surface to stabilize the base coats and give our top coats something solid to adhere to.  After priming with Benjamin Moore’s Fresh start primer the windows and siding needed to be re-caulked before application of a top coat. Two coats of MoorLife later and this house was left with the premium paint job it needed.

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