East Seattle Raised Ranch

Sage Green Mercer Island Home

"This simple home was anything but simple to paint"

Client: Skip C.

City: Mercer Island

Neighborhood: East Seattle

Date Completed: October 2009

Date of photo: October 2010

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MoorGard Premium Exterior paint, and System 3 SculpWood

Methods: This house is an example of what happens if you put off painting your home. The client had been focusing on putting his children through college and hadn’t been able to afford to properly maintain his house. Now that the kids were out on their own it was time to get the house in order. The attached deck and fencing of the house were completely rotten and were replaced. The house was filthy and needed a thorough cleaning with bleach and heavy pressure washing. Exposed rafters and facias had areas of rot, but the wood was solid enough that replacement was not necessary. We can fix many instances of rotten wood by removing the rot, stabilizing it with wood hardener and filling with an epoxy filler. We use a product called SculpWood for filling. We love this two part epoxy filler because it sculpts like clay and hardens to a solid sandable substrate that is stronger than wood. After this treatment the wood is as good as new. After the extensive prepping and wood repair we finished off with two coats of MoorGard. The house is now back in shape and the client can now focus on more important issues.

Client testimonial: “Gary came out in the late spring. But do my delays I wasn’t ready to get job done until late summer. The crew that came out was excellent and very easy to discuss issues with. The job got completed on time, cleaned up after themselves, and house looks great!!! Price great; crew great, and work great.” – Skip C.

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