Brighton Large Sunny Porch Craftsman

Classic Seattle Craftsman in Brighton Neighborhood

"What says 'relax' better than a large front porch with appropriate furniture?"

Client: Dave T.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Brighton

Date Completed: October, 2008

Date of photo: October, 2009

Products: Rodda brand AC-909 Weather Performance Satin Premium exterior house paint and Flood brand Deck Stains.

Methods: This home had decent paint finishes on the east and west sides, but on the sun exposed south side paint was peeling, due to both natural weather and improper prepping of new wood by the previous painters and on the north side where pigeons had there way with the house. The pigeons were so intent on living here that they had burrowed into the bird spikes meant to keep them away and nested. The clients loved their colors and didn’t want to make a change so we only needed to paint the problem areas and the porch. The south side needed to be scraped and feather sanded, especially around the window trim where improperly prepped wood had the paint coming off in sheets. Many painters figure that all that needs to be done to new wood is to prime and then paint. New wood frequently has mill glazing, a glossy surface from being polished by the saws at the mill. Primer applied to mill glazing doesn’t stick and the wood needs to have the mill glazing removed before priming. This is a case of a “stitch in time saves nine” because it is much more difficult to fix than to do right. The north side had its own issues, primarily of the “sky rat” type. We had to thoroughly clean and then remove the pigeon nests (yuck!). Repainting of the side took care of the mess and replacement of the bird spikes took care of the cause. The deck was finished with Flood Deck Stain and the rails were painted with a white enamel giving this home an inviting entryway.

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