View Ridge Ranch Style Bungalow

Seattle View Ridge Neighborhood Ranch Style Bungalow

Client: Carlos Marilyn V.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: View Ridge

Date Completed: November, 2008 – May, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MoorGard premium exterior house paint.

Methods: Our clients came to us for some emergency painting help. During a Winter storm a section of the roof leaked, damaging sections of siding and trim, and alerting us to some rot in areas of the fascia boards near the southwest corner of the house. The house was a mishmash of homeowner half-completed maintenance and partially-finished exterior updates undertaken by the previous owners. There were at least three different types of siding employed as well as areas completely unfinished, missing siding or trim. We collaborated with the homeowners and their carpenter to schedule when we would be able to paint the different sections of the house, each with their own issues, requiring varying degrees of prep work and different methods for completion. Step Up Painting assisted the homeowner with getting the storm-damaged areas to a “safe” state and waited for Spring to take on the rest of the house.

Some areas were in great shape or brand-new and required nothing more than a fresh coat of paint. Others required scraping, sanding, priming (or spot priming), caulking, filling, etc. Every area got the attention it needed and when the job was complete, the house looked more-or-less like one coherent property, rather than several houses thrown haphazardly into one.

Client testimonial: Geoff and his crew performed professionally and as promised. They demonstrated a commitment to quality and to my satisfaction as their customer. I intend to use them for future painting projects.

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