Southeast Magnolia Colbalt Neo-Eclectic

Seattle Southeast Magnolia Cobalt Blue Neo-Eclectic

Client: Taro A.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Southeast Magnolia

Date Completed: September, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand MoorGard Premium Exterior paint.

Methods: The owner of this home recently moved in and wanted to make it theirs. This job was more of a color change than a full blown exterior painting project and there was little prep required other than cleaning. The real trick here was getting the dark blue siding to look perfect. Deep colors can be tricky to get right because they are impossible to touch up. You need to paint the dark color, get it right and then leave it alone. Any drips or ladder marks that come later require entire areas of the home to be repainted. We did need to repaint a couple of sections, but in the end we got it right and the client got a striking new look.

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