Magnolia Ranch Style Bungalow

Seattle Magnolia Raised Ranch Bungalow

Client: Debra B.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Magnolia

Date Completed: May, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreGard Premium Exterior paint, Daly’s wood stain and CrystalFin clearcoat.

Methods: Several of the windows of this home had been replaced and needed to be painted to match the rest of the house. The home owners decided that is was a good time to paint everything and we were happy to provide. The trickiest part of painting the trim of a brick house is to keep the paint off of the brick. Dried paint on brick can be difficult to remove and previous painters had not been careful with this house. The client also hired us to remove the previous painters sloppy paint from the brick, requiring hours of scraping that could have been avoided by simply taking care while painting. Not the type of work we enjoy, but we want our clients to be happy with the paint job and often that requires us to fix other contractors mistakes. The new windows also needed to be finished inside too, and so we matched the interior stain with Daly’s Wood Stain and then gave the new windows a durable finish with Daly’s CrystalFin clearcoat.

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