Loyal Heights Cool Craftsman

Seattle Craftsman

"Craftsman -- This is what we paint"

Client: Izabelle G.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Loyal Heights

Date Completed: October 2009

Date of photo: October 2010

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreGard, MooreLife, and soild body deck stains.

Methods: As painting projects go this one is right in our wheelhouse. Over the years we have painted dozens of Seattle area craftsman and are ready with all of the skills and products needed to properly paint these homes. This house is a great example of the style and a great example of the challenges faced when painting these older homes. The paint in the soffits (the area under the eaves) was failing and coming of in sheets. This was so bad that other painting contractors refused to even give a bid for the work! The south side of the home had be resided within the last decade, and I suspect the reason for this was that the paint here was such a mess that the previous home owners decided to replace the siding rather than have the paint finish completely restored. Unfortunately sometimes those are your options: reside or strip off all paint. We scraped and sanded the old siding and soffits and primed these areas of extensive prep. Great care was taken to keep our site clean and to remove all old lead paint chips. When painting this house the current EPA guidelines for dealing with lead paint were not in effect, but now that they are we have found out that we didn’t need to change our approach. We were always careful to contain and dispose of lead paint dust and so, unlike other contractors, the new regulations have not been a big change for us. After prep and clean up, two coats of MooreLife were used on the siding and MooreGard on the trim. We finished up with an accent of red on the deck using Benjamin Moore’s solid body deck stains. The results are a house that looks better than it has in decades.

Client testimonial: They did a fantastic job. They were very helpful and called me everyday. The guy who was managing the project was amazing. They cleaned up everyday when they finished. I was very happy with the whole project and it came out really well. They were a little on the high end, but it was worth it.

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