Green Lake Tudor Revival

Seattle Green Lake neighborhood Tudor Revival

Client: Jill L.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Green Lake

Date Completed: July, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MoorGard Premium Exterior paint and elastomeric patching compound.

Methods: Stucco is not the most common siding material in the Pacific Northwest and it needs to be prepped properly to keep out moisture. This house had extensive cracking in the stucco that needed to be patched. The ideal product for this is an elastomeric patching compound that can flex without cracking over time. We matched the texture of the stucco and patched the cracks leaving the siding looking great and the cracks only noticeable if you were looking for them. Along with the stucco work we prepped up all of the wood windows, trim and doors. Unfortunately during this type of work we sometimes find some nasty surprises, and here we found three windows that were rotten and needed to be replaced.  This work was actually completed after we were done with the job, so we had to return later in to summer, free of additional charge, to finish up the high windows shown above. Rounding out the work we prepped an painted the porch and the elegant porch rails giving leaving this house with a classy finish that we are quite proud of.

Client testimonial: StepUp did a great job for us. Their people are very responsive to questions and requests. We were so pleased, and our house looks wonderful.  Jill L

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