Whittier Heights Sunny Bungalow

Seattle Whittier Heights Neighborhood Sunny Bungalow

Client: Ruthie N.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Whittier Heights

Date Completed: June, 2007

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore MooreGuard Premium Exterior paint and Peel-Stop primer

Methods: This home features one of the more challenging siding surfaces for a painter — corrugated cedar siding. When paint begins to fail on this siding it falls out of the corrugations unevenly and is extremely difficult to scrape. It is also impossible to sand or strip, so there are inevitably many paint lips left over after scraping. Our approach is to thoroughly scrape and wire brush off as much paint as we can and then to stabilize the remaining paint but using Peel-Stop primer to glue down the remaining paint. Peel-Stop works great on this type of surface and the result is a surface where paint is no longer coming up and which you can the apply top-coat to. We then prime to seal in any oils that may bleed though the paint and brush in a two coats of premium paint. The results certainly do not look new, but they are uniform and long lasting, and truly the only option for a like new finish would be to reside the home.

Client testimonial: They were very professional and there was no surprises about the bill. They came on time and left on time. They were tolerant of my dog who came out and barked at them. The actual painting was very well done. – Ruthie N.

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