Wedgewood Monotone Craftsman

Wedgewood Craftsman painted by Step Up Painting

"Sometimes you have to let elegant, understated architecture speak for itself".

Client: John H.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Wedgewood

Date Completed: September, 2007

Date of photo: October, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreLife premium exterior flat finish paint.

Methods: This job was right up our alley. Living where we live and painting where we paint, Step Up Painting feels we paint Seattle craftsman houses better than any other painting company. We’ve painted more of them. We know the paint issues they have better than anyone else. We know how to handle these issues and make these homes look beautiful. And this house needed some help. . . nothing we couldn’t handle.

There was a combination of  severe substrate breakdown and inter-coat adhesion problems across most portions of the southern exposure of the house, making this house an excellent candidate for chemical paint stripping. So in addition to standard exhaustive prep work (pressure washing, scraping, sanding, wire-brushing) until all loose paint has been removed, Step Up Painting also used an environmentally-friendly chemical paint remover, namely, Back-to-Nature’s Ready Strip. Back to Nature’s paint strippers employ space age technology to chemically dissolve paint without the use of caustic resins or other harsh chemicals. Their paint removers have very little odor and don’t cause chemical burns or irritation when exposed to bare skin.

But I digress. When I met with the client I enthusiastically talked to him about how sharp a tri-tone color scheme would look or how beautiful a classic two color scheme would look and how it would only cost him $200 more to incorporate the painting of the fascia boards and the belly band in a second color. But he graciously declined my suggestions. At first flummoxed by his genuine desire to paint his house entirely in white paint, I realized after the job was done: there is a beauty in simplicity in the craftsman home architectural style that does not require color at all. And in this case I have the utmost respect for the client’s decision to let the understated beauty of the architecture of the home speak for itself.

Client testimonial: The owner and workers were very professional, skilled at their work, conscientious about doing a good job, responsive to every request, polite, and friendly. They did extensive prep work on the house, which it needed, without cutting any corners. They paid attention to details and did a beautiful finish coat. They came and completed the work on schedule, cleaned up well at the end of every day, and made sure everything was finished at the end to our satisfaction. The final price came in right at the bid amount. I highly recommend them.

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