Wallingford Craftsman

Seattle Wallingford neighborhood American Foursquare

Client: Joel B.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Wallingford

Date Completed: May, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreGuard Premium Exterior paint and Peel-Stop primer.

Methods: This house presented us with many challenges. The house had several addition in its years and different building materials used with each add-on. This home had everything from century old cedar, to asbestos siding. In addition to the many aspects to the home were the poor quality of the previous paint job (college something or other paint amateurs) and the difficult angles of the roof lines. Our prep included many different aspects depending on which portion of the house we were working on. The newest addition, oddly enough, had the worst of the failing paint. Cedar shingles had flaking paint that could be partially removed by scraping, but that we needed to stabilize. We achieve this by “gluing down” the paint lips using Peel-Stop primer, giving us a solid base upon which we can build up our top coats. Asbestos siding is great for holding onto paint, but cracks easily and needs to be handled with great care, both for safety reasons and so that we don’t damage the siding. A gentle pressure washing and spraying on paint is what is called for when dealing with asbestos. A challenging job and one that should never have been left to “summer break” painters…

Client testimonial: We got bids from two nearby painters who had several positive reports on Angie’s. Step Up was more expensive than the other bid by about $2300, but the other bidder was somewhat flakey in making his bid. Step Up was very professional from the start, submitted a prompt bid, and included an estimate of the man-hours on which it was based. They also seemed more specific on the prep work they would do. Step Up’s bid at first seemed high, but it was based on 9 days of work by a crew of 4, which, with other costs, made the bid amount more reasonable. As it turned out, our paint job took more like 10 days, usually with a crew of 5. I think we got our money’s worth. The lead on our crew, John, was very communicative, responsive, and easy to deal with. The entire crew was polite, energetic and very hard-working. They are young, but seemed well-trained and knowledgeable, and committed to doing a good job. They were also careful to clean up thoroughly at the end of each day of work. We were most pleased about the amount of careful prep work they did–which was one of the main things we were looking for. They probably spent around half the total time on prep. Our old house had lots of paint layers, and I can’t claim that it all now looks like new–since we didn’t pay to have it all taken down to bare wood. But I do have confidence that this crew did their best to give us a paint job that will last better than previous paint jobs. There were a number of times they just did extra steps that I hadn’t expected–special primer on bits of bare metal, other special primer to glue down any loose paint edges on the cedar shingles. These guys had to work during record-high August weather and also during some days of very unusual August rain. John used on-line weather radar reports to figure out when to squeeze in some productive painting time during the rainy phase to get the job done. Our house was not the easiest to paint. Besides all the issues of old, poorly-maintained wood, they also had to do a lot of work standing on bits of narrow, steep roof that I don’t like to be on. I don’t think this was an easy job. Hats off to John and his crew, and to the rest of the Step Up folks! – Joel B.

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