Mays Pond Neo-eclectic

Blue House in Mill Creak Painted by Step Up Painting

"Dramatic colors can be fun, but count on multiple coats of paint"

Client: David and Becky J.

City: Mill Creek

Neighborhood: North Creek Park area

Date Completed: October, 2008

Date of photo: October, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreGuard Premium Exterior paint.

Methods: On paper this was a straight forward repaint. In reality our clients picked the most electric blue color possible for painting the trim. We love bold colors, but sometimes they can cause us difficulties. The difficulty here was that the trim took three coats of paint to cover properly — an experience that is nearly unheard of when using MooreGuard. We did this without complaint or any change in our bid amount and in the end our clients got the bold new look they were going for at the price we originally bid. I wish we could divulge the address of this house because when you Google map it and go to “street view”, you can see our ladders leaning against the house and our paint van parked with a Step Up Painting employee taking a ladder off the roof of the van. Quite a coincidence!

Client testimonial: “The overall experience was very good and we were very pleased with the results.” – David J.

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