Bryant Cape Cod Bungalow

Seattle Bryant Neighborhood GI Cape Cod

Client: Margo R.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Bryant

Date Completed: July, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreGuard and Back to Nature’s Multi-Strip

Methods: Previous painters had truly done this home a real, to put in mildly, disservice. All horizontal gaps in the siding were caulked shut sealing off the siding from being able to breathe. The result is that the last paint job, only six years old, was blistering and peeling extensively, especially on the sun exposed south side. We gave the client an option to strip all paint from the extreme problem area on the south side which she had us undertake. We stripped all of the paint and caulk from the south side giving us a clean slate with which to prime and paint. For the rest of the home we took a basic paint stabilization protocol. Our basic steps are to remove all currently failing paint and then feather sand these ares to get rid of craters and paint lips. After priming of these areas we then have a solid substrate on which to apply our top coats. The approach to this home represents a happy medium where the most problem areas were stripped to bare wood to give the best possible long term paint job, while the rest of the home was prepped in a less drastic fashion, saving our client money. All in all a job that we feel was perfect for this specific home and the problems we inherited from previous contractors.

Client testimonial: Absolutely wonderful. First, I must say that my house is a rental & I don’t live in Seattle, I live across the country! Geoff & Gary get an A++ in professionalism, responsive communication & attention to detail. The estimate they sent me was thorough & detailed what needed to be done. They even gave me options, depending on what I wanted to spend! They communicated with me by email & phone during the project. I should also say, that they were very respectful of my renter & communicated & coordinated with her schedule. During the project, they discovered that some additional work was needed. They helped to coordinate that! I definitely plan to use them again when the interior has to be done. I can’t thank them enough for their fine work!  – Margo R.

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