Magnolia Cottage with Deck

Seattle Magnolia Neighborhood Cottage

Client: Matthew J.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Magnolia

Date Completed:

Date of photo:

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreGuard Premium Exterior paint, Peel-Stop primer, elastomeric patching compound and Sikkens SRD stains.

Methods: This home features corrugated cedar shingles that at the time we started had areas of paint coming up in small sheets. The result of this are that where the paint had failed in was very apparent that there had been a problem. Sanding to feather out paint lips on of this type of siding is impossible and so we used an elastomeric patching compound to smooth out these problem areas and reduce their appearance. The clients were out of town for a couple of days and came home after we had finished painting two sides of their home. Unfortunately they were unhappy with the color they had picked and we had to stop painting to allow them to find a color they were happy with. After putting up test samples and deciding on a new color we picked up where we left off and gave our clients the paint job they we looking for.

Client testimonial: They were very professional and the overall experience was great. The original color that we chose turned out to be too dark (and they had gotten most of they way through painting as I was out of town for a few days, but when I voiced concern they were very accommodating and responsive with helping us getting it fixed. It of course cost a little more to fix the problem but they went out of their way to reschedule their crews to give us a little time to find a new color and then did the best they could to minimize the costs of repainting the already painted surfaces. It would have been nice for them to provide a color consultation, but I realize this is largely a personal perference which is difficult. I’d suggest you check out the paint on day 1 of the job and be sure you want to keep it because it would be easier to change at that time. They were not the cheapest bid we received, but certainly not the most expensive and I think it was worth paying a little more to get their expertise and professionalism.

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