Fortuna 1960’s Ranch Style

Mercer Island Fortuna neighborhood Ranch

Client: Reed H.

City: Mercer Island

Neighborhood: Fortuna

Date Completed: June, 2008

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Rodda brand Ultimate Exterior house paint and Rodda brand Primer.

Methods: When we arrived to bid on this project we were faced with a house that hadn’t been stained or cleaned in over twenty years. It was previously stained brown. All brown. This house is tucked away into the woods and doesn’t present itself well for photographs, but the clients were looking for a big face lift and we provided. The clients had done their homework and wanted to use Rodda brand Ultimate Exterior paint and get the backing of Rodda’s offered lifetime warranty. This house required extensive washing and spider removal before the painted work began. Everything was primed to seal the previously stained wood and then the caulking began. Nothing that normally gets caulked had ever been caulked previous to our arrival, and so, unlike many repaints, this was no small task. After prepping we brushed in two coats of the Ultimate Exterior paint to finish it off. This was our first experience with this product, and we have nothing but praise for its ease of use and beautiful finished results.

Client testimonial: I could not be more pleased with the service and quality we received from StepUp Painting. I emailed for a qoute. Gary met me exactly on time. They gave me the best price of the 3 quotes I obtained from different contractors. They provided insurance information and coordinated well. When the weather looked wrong we set up a later start date. They pressure washed the exterior and two days later started working with 4 painters for 7 weekdays. They quickly adapted when we realized the trim color we had given them looked horrible. We picked a new color and they didn’t miss a beat. The painters were all great, they were very respectful of the house and our dog. They primed and put on two coats of high quality paint. They gave us daily update phone calls when we weren’t around. The house needed new paint for protection and we love the new look. We highly recommend Step Up painting.

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