Columbia City Modern

Step Up Painting knows stain

Keep the paint off the stain! Keep the stain off the paint! Keep them both off the concrete!

Client: Alex R.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

Date Completed: June, 2009

Date of photo: October, 2009

Products: Cabot brand semi-solid stain and Penofin Penetrating Oil

Methods: We were called in to do maintenance on the stained surfaces of the siding, fences, windows, doors and hardwood decks. Cabot brand stain was used, as it was what the builder originally applied, but we changed from a transparent stain to a semi-solid to increase the longevity of the stain and cut down on our clients recurring maintenance costs. Along with the cedar siding the house boasts ironwood decks. We love using Penofin Rosewood oil for these areas as it brings out the true beauty of hardwoods.  All products were hand applied with great care taken to keep stain off of the painted areas and concrete.

Exterior staining and painting of large Columbia City home

Long ladders also necessary . . .

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