Maple Leaf Warm Green Bungalow

Seattle Maple Leaf Neighborhood Warm Green Bungalow

Client: Graham W. and Tricia T.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Maple Leaf

Date Completed: August, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand MooreGuard and MooreLife Premium Exterior Paint and Peel-Stop primer.

Methods: The south side of this home (featured in above picture) is located on a busy street and had extensive failing paint on all of the corrugated cedar shingles and windows trim. This side of the house required hours of scraping under the hot sun and the scrutiny of passing motorists. After scraping we stabilized the failing paint on the siding with use of Peel-Stop primer to glue down the paint lips and feather sanding the trim. After application of a sealing primer the house was top coated with Benny Moore paint. The end result is a clean paint job that beautifies the commute for many Seattle motorists.

Client testimonial: I was a little hesitant to go with Step Up because their bid was significantly less than my other bid, and I thought this might indicate a tendency towards sloppiness or cutting corners. They just finished the job today and I couldn’t be happier with the work they did. Their professionalism, courtesy, and attention to detail were remarkable. In some areas the quality of the work exceeded my original specifications. Jason, the site foreman, was great to work with and did a super job communicating the crew’s progress. Despite some rain the job took as much time as the initial bid had estimated. The new colors matched the old paint very well. I’m not given to effusive praise or firewalled reviews, but I can’t think of anything they could have done better. Well, they tended to leave their work van in the driveway overnight…but it was totally worth us parking on the street!       – Tricia T.

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