Cottage Lake Neo-Colonial

Client: Mark & Madeline E.

City: Woodinville

Neighborhood: Cottage Lake

Date Completed: July, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore MooreGuard Premium Exterior paint and Aura Exterior paint.

Methods: This lovely home features all wood windows and a lot of brick, requiring a great deal of hand painting and careful application of paint. The house was in good shape, requiring only a small amount of scraping of failing paint and re-caulking of failed caulk and so we could get this job done for a lot less than if the clients had waited a couple more years to have the house repainted. After the prep we brushed in two coats of our trusted MooreGuard paint and trimmed out the house by hand. The dark red doors were sprayed with Benjamin Moore’s high end Aura paint for the most durable finish available. While this product can be a little tricky to apply (amateurs beware!) the results are doors that look great and colors that will last much longer than other paints.

Client testimonial: The guys did a wonderful job, offering meticulous attention to detail. They were prompt, courteous and polite. And, we especially appreciated how they cleaned up each night before they went home. Overall it was a very good experience and we would not hesitate to recommend them or use them again ourselves.  -Mark E.

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