Bryant Earthy Green Craftsman


Client: Denis S.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Bryant

Date Completed: August, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Behr Ultra Premium exterior paint

Methods: Okay first off  Behr paint is not our first choice for painting. In fact it is right close to the end of the list. This job was a touch up project needed to fix “college amateur” work done the year prior.  We needed to clean some areas of the house and scrape the failing paint missed by the previous painters. After sanding and priming we re-coated with the Behr paint and finished up. While not the product we’d choose we gave the box store paint its best chance of performing well.

Client testimonial: It went very well all the way around. The bid was given promptly and was competetive, right in the middle of the bids I received. The crew was thorough, hard working and very pleasant. A couple guys on the crew were highly experienced, were able to really assess the paint problems (and this is important) and did great work. This is a very professional group.  – Denis S.

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