Greenlake Pumpkin Tower!

Entire side of house stripped to bare wood, primed, and repainted

Yes, scaffolding was required!

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Greenlake

Date Completed: June, 2007

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore Brand MooreGuard and MooreGlo exterior paint, and Back to Nature Multi-Strip architectural stripper.

Methods: You may wonder why the picture of this house is taken from such an extreme upwards angle. There are two reasons for this. One, this is literally the farthest one can stand from the side of the house we worked on without standing behind a massive bush (or on the neighbor’s roof). Secondly, this angle gives you a very good view of the siding we worked on. The paint was failing extensively from the south-facing siding and the access could only be had by use of six levels of scaffolding. We stripped all paint from the siding using Back to Nature’s “Multi Strip”. After stripping we primed all bare wood with premium oil based primer and caulked in all the appropriate cracks. After this extensive prep we top coated with premium Benjamin Moore exterior paint (the finished result is siding that looks almost brand new; and a coat of paint that should last as long as if it actually were). . . in a lovely pumpkin color which we’re sure is the envy of all the neighbors every Halloween.

Client testimonial: It was an excellent job. A+ work. I was especially impressed with the preparation, the key to a great paint job. The final paint job makes the south side look brand new even though some of the shingles and siding date to the 1920’s. The crew worked hard, are very skilled and kept me informed along the way.

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