Ballard “Icicle” craftsman

That's a lot of hand-painting!

“That’s a lot of hand-painting!”


Client: Liz F.

City: Seattle

Neighborhood: Ballard

Date Completed: 10/03/2006

Date of photo: 9/24/2009

Products: Benjamin Moore brand Moorelife premium exterior paint for house. Cabot brand stain for porch decking.

Methods: Over the course of two weeks we used conventional prep techniques (washing, scraping, sanding, priming, caulking, etc.) to prepare the house for painting. This was made immensely easier because the homeowner had recently completed extensive exterior carpentry work in preparation for painting, including replacement of weathered and rotten trim pieces, damaged and missing facia and trim, and a brand new cedar deck. That said, there was a lot of prep to be done, especially under the eaves where nearly 100 years gravity had begun to pull much of the paint from the bead boards. Clearly, the most prominent feature of this house are the 500+ individual diamond-shaped, gingerbread shingles, which we painted in a three-tone color combination that makes this house hard to miss when you drive by (or from the North Pole for that matter!) Needless to say, the finished results were impressive. (See client testimonial below).

Client testimonial: Geoff & his crew did an excellent job. Their prep work was very thorough, their painting very good. They also did a great job repairing some rotten woodwork and installing bird spikes on the knee braces to keep the pigeons away. They vacuumed daily when they were scraping & sanding the old paint off. What I appreciated most was being able to talk to Geoff & his staff whenever I needed to, their asking me what I wanted as questions came up, & Geoff’s commitment to completing the job to my satisfaction. I also appreciated their taking off their shoes when they came in the house. The crew was very courteous.

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