Drywall Texturing

When new drywall is installed as part of a new-construction project or remodel, it may need to be textured and primed before being painted. Texturing performs several functions. It helps hide imperfections in the drywall seams and taping. It can help deaden sound. And it can make the wall surface more resistant to minor scrapes and bumps, and make minor damage less noticeable when it does occur. Additionally, it can help create a desired aesthetic different from totally smooth walls.

Texturing is available in several styles. The most popular are knockdown texture and orange peel texture. Knockdown texture looks like this:

It creates a warm and rustic feel and a look similar to Spanish-style stucco.

Orange-peel texture looks like this:

It is the standard, contemporary texture found in most new homes. Orange-peel texture is simple, unassuming, and soothing. It can be applied very lightly or quite heavily for a more robust effect. The picture above is of medium orange-peel texturing.


Step Up Painting has the equipment and expertise necessary to lend a hand with your texturing project, from small texture touch-ups, to entire apartment complexes.


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