Remediation of popcorn (acoustical) ceilings

Seattle Broadview Interior 4The popular use of acoustical (popcorn) ceilings, marks a shameful and unfortunate era in American home design. Those who truly appreciate the sharp, pokey, and occasionally sparkly aesthetic of popcorn ceilings are an increasingly rare breed. Unfortunately, many popcorn ceilings are composed largely of asbestos, and should not be disturbed by anyone other than a licensed, bonded, and insured asbestos remediation specialist.

If you have confirmed that your popcorn ceilings do not contain asbestos (there are several local companies who will test a sample of your ceiling for $35 or so), then why not get rid of it? After lightly wetting it down, it can be carefully scraped away. One of the main reasons acoustical popcorn ceilings were so popular with construction companies for several decades is that they allowed the drywall companies to skip the steps they normally take to make a ceiling perfectly flat. This means that in most cases, after the popcorn comes down, skim-coating with a light topping compound, followed by sanding, and the application of an orange-peel texture, prior to priming and painting, is still necessary. It is best if everything can be removed from the room to make clean-up easier.

If your acoustical popcorn ceiling does not contains asbestos, Step Up Painting can help make it a distant memory or we can finish the job if the asbestos texture has been removed by a licensed professional.


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