Pressure washing

The classics never go out of style

It’s not a mystery that the leading cause of slip and fall accidents around the home is slippery walking surfaces. So why not clean your driveway, walkways, and decking regularly? Occasional pressure washing not only prevents your walking surfaces from getting slippery, but keeps these surfaces looking clean and well-maintained, and prevents the premature degradation of the surfaces themselves that can occur as a result of exposure to dirt, mold, mildew, moss, motor oil, gasoline, and other organic and environmental factors.

Walking surfaces aren’t the only areas that can benefit from the occasional washing. Many of the same factors that can cause a walkway or deck to look dirty and decompose prematurely can have the same effects on the siding, trim, fascia, eaves, and railings of a home. Occasional pressure washing of your home can extend the amount of time between repainting and keep your home looking its best. Step Up Painting will be happy to assist with the pressure washing of anything you need washed. . . except your pets. . . and your dirty dishes. . .


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