Juanita Bayside Bamboo

Juanita two-story

Client: Beth A.

City: Kirkland

Neighborhood: Juanita

Date Completed: July, 2009

Date of photo: September, 2009

Products: Benjamin Moore MooreGuard Premium Exterior Paint and Regal Interior paint, Daly’s Stains and CrystalFin clear coat, and Sikkens SRD stain.

Methods: This house was fully remodeled inside and out we were originally bought in to in to paint the newly finish interior walls and ceilings. We rolled in two coats of Regal Interior paint on all the walls and ceilings. At this point we were contracted to paint the rest of the house which included new interior doors and trim and the newly finish exterior. Interior wood trim was stained with a custom colored Daly’s stains and covered with sprayed on CrystalFin clear-coat. We love using the CrystalFin for interiors because it is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic alternative to lacquers and oil varnishes that gives us great results. After finishing up inside we got to the exterior, which required little prep consisting of washing and some hole filling. We applied two coats of MooreGuard to all new Hardie board siding and wood trim. As a accent we stained the new soffits above the deck area with Sikkens SRD stain. A complete remodel all wrapped up neatly with our fine finishes.

Client testimonial: In our initial meeting with Gary to start the bidding process we got a very good feeling from him, and even though their bid wasn’t the lowest we got, we decided to go with Step Up anyway because we felt that they would do the best, most professional job. That was a very good decision and we definitely got our money’s worth. Gary was very patient with me while I was trying to make up my mind on accent colors and bumbling it a bit. They did a very thorough job of protecting anything that wasn’t getting painted and were quick to clean up any paint that got where it wasn’t supposed to be. The first bid was just for the interior but we didn’t even consider using anyone else for the exterior by the time the interior was done. The house looks fabulous inside and out. We highly recommend them to everyone.

– Beth A.

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